I started dealing with music quite late, probably during my adolescence. I have not attended any musical schools nor classes and maybe that’s why uncovering some of the “mysteries” of music have been and still are that much more interesting to me. I had some of the best time of my childhood and youth at my grandmother’s and it was mainly thanks to her that I developed a connection to folk songs, music and the country where she spent all her life. I even got to accordion and later to other instruments through the harmonica that my grandmother used to play from time to time. I listened to her singing and playing many songs and also to many stories about the difficult but interesting life in a mountain village that she and grandpa often told me. And so I wrote down many songs, learned beautiful melodies, sang and immersed myself in the unique atmosphere of musical, poetic and artistic world. Grandma never forced me to play, sing, take pictures and deal with arts. She just played, sang, taught me new songs, took me into nature, to pick bilberries, graze cattle that she kept or took me hiking into the nearby countryside.
In such environment, surrounded by people that were close to me, euphonic songs and beautiful countryside, I have gradually started composing tunes and song lyrics. Along with photography, it was the most natural way of creative expression of the artistic experiences that I have absorbed over a long period of time. I cannot imagine a different or better education for myself than the way I spent my childhood and youth.