Songs about Tatras and nature

These songs from the album called “Piesne o Tatrách a prírode” (Songs about Tatras and nature) mainly during my stays at my grandparents’ in the small village of Osturňa at the feet of the Tatra Mountains. That was my only and probably also the best musical education at the same time. I don’t have any formal musical education, but I think that the time spent in the nature with my grandparents have made up for that.

These songs may sound like folk songs, but it would be against my principles to take melodies from folk songs or their parts and claim to have created them. I can solemnly declare that I have composed the lyrics and the music myself without the need or intention to mimic or copy something. If, for instance, I recognized some similarity with an existing song during the creative process of the tune, I immediately changed the structure of the composition. Of course, it may happen that some combination of notes resembles a part of another song, but that would not be by my conscious intention and it is a natural occurrence in the world of music. One of the reasons why music is a miracle to me is that thousands of various melodies have been and still are created with the combination of a few notes of the scale (and some other basic musical rules).